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Due to the nature of the content included in this testimony, this message is not posted publicly, but a copy.of the teaching can be sent to you directly via email.

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Prior to becoming the Pastor of Ignite Fellowship, Brian Elrod and his family faced a life-altering event in July of 2018, as his company’s business faced a legal accusation that led to his incarceration in Florence Federal Prison in Colorado. Pastor Elrod’s circumstances are detailed in an article published in Christian Ethics Today (Christian Ethics Today: A Personal Reflection on Mass Incarceration Pub Year 2019 Issue 113, Author Abigail Pasiuk). This article was written by his daughter, now attending Oxford University in Great Britain for her Doctorate of Theology on the very subject of mass incarceration.

Brian has seen the great faithfulness of God despite one’s own unfaithfulness. He obtained his Bachelors in Theology continuing on to a Masters of Theology program. However, it was being incarcerated that led him and his family to understand the deep compassion needed to serve the community inside of prison, as well as the community outside of it, which led to Brian becoming a certified Ordained Chaplain, serving the disenfranchised throughout his community.  


Pastor Brian, and his wife of 41 years, Lee, reside in Colorado; they have 6 children and 15 grandchildren. They, along with their family, stand ready to bring encouragement to the mountain communities, helping them to know the love and faithfulness of Christ in all circumstances. 

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